Special Education Laws: Fixing IEP and 504 Plan Problems

Discover the 8 most common problems with IEPs, 504 plans, and school accommodations -- and expert-tested solutions for parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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The IEP/ 504 Plan Isn't Working. Does My ADHD Child Need a Reevaluation? How Much Will It Cost?

The Problem: "When the team created the IEP/504 plan, I really thought it would help my child, but after almost a year, I really don't see any changes."

The Solution: Use testing scores, progress reports, and teacher comments to support your position. Sometimes, plans that sounded good on paper don't work. If your child is not making effective educational progress, the plan is not working. If the school believes that your child is making educational progress, be prepared to explain why you disagree. Even if the school believes your child is making progress, request a reevaluation of your child. For another perspective, consider an independent evaluation.

Once the reevaluation has been completed, request a team meeting to discuss the results. How do the new test scores compare to previous ones? Do they show stagnation or regression? If the answer is yes to either, your child is not making effective educational progress and the current educational plan must be modified. Incorporate the evaluators' recommendations in the new plan, allow time for the new plan's implementation, and then assess the new plan's effectiveness with progress reports, teacher observations, and additional testing.

A Note on Cost: The law provides for independent evaluations at public expense in certain circumstances. The requirements for reimbursement are complicated, so contact a special education attorney or an experienced educational advocate for help. Many parents find it easier and more cost-effective to have their private health insurance company cover the cost of independent evaluations.

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