Special Education Laws: Fixing IEP and 504 Plan Problems

Discover the 8 most common problems with IEPs, 504 plans, and school accommodations -- and expert-tested solutions for parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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The IEP/504 Plan Is Not Being Implemented

The Problem: "The school says my child's IEP/504 plan is being implemented, but I really don't think it is. When I ask my son if he always sits in the front of the class as the plan requires, he says, 'No.' When I ask my daughter if she went to occupational therapy this week, she says she hasn't gone in a really long time."

The Solution: IEP/504 plans are designed to provide your child a free and appropriate public education, legally known as FAPE. If the IEP/504 plan is not being implemented, your child is being denied FAPE. Before you accuse the school of denying your child FAPE, do your research. Meet with the teacher and ask about your son's seating arrangement. Call the occupational therapist and ask about her last meeting with your daughter. When was it? How long did it last? What skills were addressed? If you find the IEP/504 plan is not being implemented, call a team meeting. Make sure that the individual responsible for implementing that portion of the plan attends the meeting. Express your concerns and the results of your investigation. Insist that the IEP/504 plan be implemented going forward and request that the school schedule makeup sessions for any services it neglected to provide. If the school still refuses, contact a special education attorney or an experienced educational advocate for help filing a due process request (more about this later).

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