Special Education Laws: Fixing IEP and 504 Plan Problems

Discover the 8 most common problems with IEPs, 504 plans, and school accommodations -- and expert-tested solutions for parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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My Accommodation Requests Are Always Denied

The Problem: "No matter what accommodations I ask for, the school says no. Sometimes I'm told what I'm asking for violates school policy. Other times the school says I don't understand my child's needs. How do I respond?"

The Solution: Begin by explaining the reason for your request and why the status quo is not working. Use examples. Offer written documentation. Try to persuade the team that your request is something your child needs, not simply something you want. The law requires the school to meet your child's needs, but it does not require the school to provide the ideal education. If you are told that your request violates law or policy, politely ask for a written copy of that portion of the law and policy. Sometimes school officials confuse "what is always done" with the law. If the school is able to provide you with a copy of the law or policy, review it and see if there is some reason why it should not apply to your child.

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