b-Calm: An MP3 Player for ADHD and Autism Symptoms?

b-Calm, an ADHD-friendly product, claims to help reduce outbursts and distraction, while improving focus, writing, and math comprehension when used by children with autism disorders and/or attention deficit in a classroom setting. Does it work?

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b-Calm Noise-Cancelling Headphones - b-calmsound.com

An MP3 player loaded with specially developed audio tracks, b-Calm is an “audio sedation” system designed to help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and/or autism screen out sounds that can cause distraction, induce stress, and adversely affect social and academic performance. To do so, the tracks combine two types of sounds: live recordings of nature sounds and white noise. When listening to b-Calm at low volumes in the classroom, students can converse and interact with teachers and other students. Higher volumes help cover up voices and noise, reduce distractions in the classroom, and diminish a child's likelihood of experiencing sensory overload in a loud setting, such as a school gym.

Originally invented by a dentist trying to soothe an autistic patient bothered by the loud noises in his office, it was later suggested that with modifications the device could help ADD/ADHD and/or autistic children in non-dental settings. According to the b-Calm website, common results of using the product include a reduction in outbursts from kids on the autism spectrum, a reduction in distraction for students with ADD/ADHD, and improvements in classroom focus, writing, and math comprehension. Teachers who used the product in initial trials supported these claims.

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The Science Behind the b-Calm Product Claims

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