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2011 ADHD School Directory

ADDitude's comprehensive directory of summer school, college prep, and academic support options to help students excel in the classroom and in life.

ADHD students may need help to stay focused and pay attention during long lessons at school.


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Academy at SOAR
Balsam, North Carolina
Web: www.academyatsoar.org
Tel: 828-456-3435
A certified private school that serves youth who thrive in an environment that provides an individualized academic curriculum. Academy at Soar focuses on strengths and combines academic instruction with adventure-based learning.

Beacon College
Leesburg, Florida
Web: www.beaconcollege.edu
Tel: 352-787-7660
The nation’s only four-year college for students with language-based learning disabilities and/or ADHD. Beacon College has a dedicated faculty, individualized academic mentoring, a travel-abroad program, as well as an active student life program.

Eckerd Academy
Brooksville, Florida, and Suches, Georgia
Web: www.eckerdacademy.org
Tel: 800-914-3937
A therapeutic boarding school, founded in 1968, specializing in helping children ages 10-18 reach their potential. Eckerd offers individualized academics, low student-teacher ratio, and counseling.

The Marshall University H.E.L.P. Program
Huntington, West Virginia
Web: www.marshall.edu/help
Tel: 304-696-6252
Dedicated to providing educational support, tutoring, remediation, and mentoring to individuals diagnosed with a Learning Disability and/or ADHD. All programs help students realize their potential.

Louisberg College Learning Partners
Louisburg, North Carolina
Web: www.louisburg.edu
Tel: 919-497-3236
Providing students with average to superior ability the individualized support and coaching needed to develop their learning skills. Serving students with LD and ADHD.

Tampa Day School
Tampa, Florida
Web: www.tampadayschool.com
Tel: 813-269-2100
Tampa Day School embraces the learning needs of students who are challenged by ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences. The school nurtures success by prompting college-preparatory academic standards for every child in grades K-8.


Barnstable Academy
Oakland, New Jersey
Web: www.barnstableacademy.com
Tel: 201-651-0200
A college prep school for students in grades 5-12, Barnstable Academy boasts a small, nontraditional campus that hosts 120 students. The school’s mission is to maximize the potential of each student through a program that builds self-esteem.

Eagle Hill School
Hardwick, Massachusetts
Web: www.ehs1.org
Tel: 413-477-6000
A coeducational college preparatory boarding school for students diagnosed with LD and/or ADHD, with average to above-average cognitive ability. Programs are built around students’ strengths to foster growth and academic success in school and in life.

The Gow School
South Wales, New York
Web: www.gow.org
Tel: 716-652-3450
The Gow School Summer Program combines five weeks of learning with fun. Gow offers classes for boys and girls, ages 8-16, who have experienced academic difficulties or have diagnosed specific learning differences, but who have potential to excel.

Landmark College
Putney, Vermont
Web: www.landmark.edu
Tel: 802-387-6718
America’s leading college for students with LD and ADHD. Students “learn how to learn” in new ways to become successful and independent. Two-year associate degrees prepare graduates to complete their bachelor’s at top colleges and universities.

Oak Meadow
Brattleboro, Vermont
Web: www.oakmeadow.com/additude
Tel: 802-251-7250
Oak Meadow offers innovative and independent learning materials and curricula for homeschooling families, grades K-12. It is also an internationally accredited distance learning institution, K-12.

Summit ADHD Center of Excellence
Getzville, New York
Web: www.summitadhdcenter.org
Tel: 716-629-3445
Comprehensive services include a clinic, consulting to public schools, and a six-week evidence-led Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children in grades 1-10. An overnight board option is available.


Brehm Preparatory School
Carbondale, Illinois
Web: www.brehm.org
Tel: 618-457-0371
Brehm School is an internationally known family-style boarding school for boys and girls, grades 6-12, with complex learning disabilities. Brehm offers a unique program that addresses each student’s academic, emotional, and social needs.

Grand River Academy
Austinburg, Ohio
Web: www.grandriver.org
Tel: 440-275-2811
Grand River Academy offers a college prep education for boys who are not working up to their potential. Through small classes, individual attention, and a full interscholastic sports program, boys are able to find success in and out of the classroom.

The Leelanau School
Glen Arbor, MI 49636
Web: www.leelanau.org
Toll-free: 231-334-5800
For over 80 years, the Leelanau School has challenged high school students to reach beyond their potential in every aspect of their lives. We offer a rigorous college prep curriculum using multi-sensory and strength-based methodologies.

Notre Dame College’s Academic Support Center
South Euclid, Ohio
Web: www.notredamecollege.edu
Tel: 877-NDC-OHIO (632-6446)
The school educates a diverse population in the liberal arts. The college’s Academic Support Center provides high-quality educational opportunities to students with documented LD.


Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Solana Beach, California
Web: www.fusionsandiego.com
Tel: 858-792-2300
Fusion San Diego offers personalized, one-on-one learning for students in grades 6-12. A customized curriculum makes Fusion ideal for students who don’t succeed in traditional schools.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Los Angeles, California
Web: www.fusionlosangeles.com
Toll-free: 866-670-9296
Fusion Los Angeles is a one-to-one private college preparatory school for students in grades 6-12 who thrive in a nontraditional learning environment.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Huntington Beach, California
Web: www.fusionhuntingtonbeach.com
Toll-free: 866-311-7495
A private school that offers one-to-one learning for students in grades 6-12. Each student’s curriculum is fully personalized, making it ideal for those in need of a nontraditional academic environment.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Mission Viejo, California
Web: www.fusionmissionviejo.com
Tel: 949-716-7384
With all of its classes taught on a one-to-one basis, the school provides a personalized learning experience for students 6-12.

Lexis Preparatory School/Las Vegas
Solana Beach, California
Web: www.lexispreplasvegas.com
Tel: 702-243-1840
Lexis Prep offers a college prep curriculum, K-8. Small class sizes, passionate teachers, and support help students who learn differently to succeed.


Lexis Preparatory School
Scottsdale, Arizona
Web: www.lexisprepscottsdale.com
Tel: 480-391-3901
Modeled after Tampa Day School in Tampa, Florida, Lexis Prep is a college prep school for students in grades K-8 with mild learning differences.


College Living Experience
Web: www.experiencecle.com
Toll-free: 800-486-5058
College Living Experience helps students with special needs prepare for life as independent adults. CLE provides students with living skills and social skills training, and academic support while in degree programs. CLE collaborates with two-year and four-year universities in Washington, D.C., Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, Monterey, and Austin. Summer programs available in Denver and Ft. Lauderdale.

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