ADHD Families: What Would You Change?

Is there one particularly challenging aspect of your ADHD life? If you could have one wish for the ADHDer in your life, what would it be?


ADDitude asked, "If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?" From family counseling for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) to financial help, you told us about the change that would mean the most to you and your loved ones.

"Have more friends. I seem to mess up a lot of friendships without meaning to." -Andrea, Pennsylvania

"Have my dad go to a counselor (with me and my mom). Our whole family deals with ADD/ADHD, and my dad has the worst symptoms of all of us." -Niek, Missouri

"That we wouldn’t struggle with money so much. I wish someone had recommended we meet with a financial adviser before my ADD/ADHD partner and I got married." -An ADDitude Reader

"Nothing. If I can manage my ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorder, I can manage anything." -Daymien, Tennessee

"My partner would accept my ADD/ADHD...and know that, when I say the wrong thing, interrupt, or don’t pay attention to her, I am not being rude on purpose." -Dan, Connecticut

"How other people react to my son. I wish I could make them understand what we go through daily. Sometimes your own family can be your child’s worst enemy. Always be your child’s advocate." -Debra, Pennsylvania

"I would love to be able to plan and remember things, instead of just living in the moment all the time and reacting to everything." -M., Illinois

"I would wave a wand over my amazing ADD/ADHD son, and he would instantly know how to make friends." -Fran, New Jersey

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