ADHD Children Need Routines, But What Happens When Teachers and Other Adults Don't Follow Through?

How other adults in your child's life can help her manage the greatest behavior issues and challenges of ADHD.

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Helping Teachers Provide Consistent Structure for ADD/ADHD Students

A teacher who understands that your child may require more time and attention can be the key to a successful school year.

I recently saw a patient whose individualized education program (IEP) called for her teacher to sign a daily planner to ensure that she wrote down homework assignments. When she forgot to have the planner signed and forgot to turn in a few homework assignments, the teacher got angry with her. She astutely commented to me, "I think she forgot I have ADD."

Sometimes, when modifications are in place, things run so smoothly that everyone forgets that modifications are the reason why things are going well. Teachers may have an easier time remembering accommodations if they begin with a clear understanding as to why each one is necessary.

Communicating regularly with teachers is essential. Be proactive in scheduling meetings to go over what is working and remember to use a positive approach. Let the teacher know that you appreciate the special help and that you support her goals. For example, say, "We appreciate your feedback. If our child does well, we will provide an incentive at home to keep him motivated."

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