Go Take a Hike! (No, Really, It Helps.)

Studies suggest that time spent in nature can help children with ADHD recharge their attention and focus. Here, find outdoor activities that rejuvenate kids after a long day of sitting still and working hard.

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Outdoor Activities for ADD/ADHD Children

Use free time wisely. Instead of the half-hour video-game break your child normally takes after school, direct her to an activity outside. Remember, don’t force an activity on your child. Find one he loves, and make it part of your family’s routine. Here are some of Andrea Faber Taylor’s greentime suggestions:

• Ride a bike on a breezy day. (See "The Lessons My ADHD Son and I Learned on Our Bike Ride Across Iowa.")
• Join a local sports team. (See "Best and Worst Sports for ADHD.")
• Roam in a wooded area.
• Go fishing.
• Set up a tent in the backyard for a night of camping.
• Jump on a trampoline in the backyard.
• Visit a local park and stare at the clouds.
• Take a hike.
• Set up a bird feeder and watch the birds -- from inside or outside.

Cold-Weather Ideas
• Indoors, create natural moments by setting up a tabletop fountain, a fishtank with your favorite fish, or a terrarium, preferably with small pets (hermit crabs or turtles).
• Look for tracks of animals on snowy fields or paths.
• Throw pinecones or rocks on a frozen lake.
• Build a snow fort.
(See "ADHD Hyperactivity Help for Indoor-Weather Days.")

For more creative tips about enjoying nature, log on to childrenandnature.org or pick up a copy of The Green Hour, by Todd Christopher.

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