How Do You Balance Time Between Your ADHD and Neurotypical Children?

ADDitude asked: As a parent, how do you balance your time between your ADHD child and his non-ADD sibling? How do you plan inclusive family activities for ADDers and neurotypical children?

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How families can support ADHD and neurotypical children

"It’s rough in our family. The ADDer needs my attention, and he focuses all the negativity he feels on his older sister. People don’t realize that the non-ADD child sometimes feels responsible for everything that goes wrong with their ADD/ADHD sibling." -Melissa, Virginia

"I set things up so that, while my ADD/ADHD son is in an after-school art class, I make sure to do something with his younger, non-ADD sister. The reverse happens later in the week. Occasionally, I hire a mother’s helper for a day, so that I can spend time with the one who needs me most." -Jennifer, Maryland

"We make sure our non-ADD child gets special treatment, even if he does not ask for it. This can be as simple as the two of us getting an ice cream cone. We also allow our non-ADDer to decide, on certain days, which movie we’ll see." -Jean, Texas

"It’s tough to ensure that neither of my children feels slighted. Being a single parent makes it that much harder. I set aside time during most weeks, so that both have my undivided attention." -Jennifer, Connecticut

"My non-ADHD daughter is on the honor roll every semester. My ADD/ADHD son struggles in school. I work hard to balance out the love and praise." -Jessi, Tennessee

"My wife and I each spend time with one of our two children on Saturday. Then we switch on Sunday." -An ADDitude Reader

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