How Do You Balance Time Between Your ADHD and Neurotypical Children?

ADDitude asked: As a parent, how do you balance your time between your ADHD child and his non-ADD sibling? How do you plan inclusive family activities for ADDers and neurotypical children?

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How neurotypical and ADHD siblings support one another

"My 25-year-old son with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a great communicator, and he involves me in every aspect of his life. His brother, 23, keeps everything to himself. I make extra effort to keep in touch with my younger son, through e-mail and phone calls, so he doesn’t feel neglected." -Ann, New Jersey

"We met the challenge by having our kids be each other's cheerleaders. Our daughter has been her brother’s best supporter, despite her own successes in school! She reminds him of his gifts. They know that they aren’t competing against each other." -K., California

"I have one child with ADD and another with ADHD. It’s hard to balance my time and attention between them. One child is quiet, and the other is boisterous. I bring the quiet child into the conversation as much as I can." -An ADDitude Reader

"I ask my non-ADD daughter to learn about her ADD/ADHD brother, and I ask my son to do the same with his sister. In our family, we make sure that there is no 'he got, she got.' In our family, they both get." -Barbara, California

"My son’s school day begins and ends 45 minutes before my daughter’s. After dropping my son off, my daughter and I sit in the car and listen to our favorite radio show until she goes to class. In the afternoon, my son and I do the same thing while we wait for his sister. I cherish every second with each of them!" -Miki, Florida

"We make sure that our ADD/ADHD child gets his homework done early enough, so I can spend time with our non-ADD son." -Scott, Kansas

"Both my son and I have ADD/ADHD. I make special time for my non-ADD daughter by taking her out of school early sometimes (don’t tell on me!) and doing something together." -Natalie, Vermont

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