Holiday Gifts for the Whole ADHD Family

Our holiday gift picks for the ADHD child, tween, teen, or adult in your life.

Gifts for ADD/ADHD Men

Swing Time
Stress management is a must for those with ADD/ADHD. We calm our crying kids by rocking them in our arms, but how do we calm big kids, like our significant others? Buy them a hammock, of course. You’ll find a range of laid-back designs, and the info you need to choose the right one. Pick one for the yard, or think outside the box and find one that will work in his man-cave. Price: $39.99 and up.

Travel Lite
Does getting ready to go for a run or bike ride take forever because he can’t find his keys or water bottle? Cut down on the gear with USB MP3 Sunglasses (via This combo item will appeal to your guy’s inner geek, and cut down on those U-turns back to the house for another forgotten item. Price: $89.99.

Give It a Twirl
If fidgeting helps him focus at work, he’ll love taking it to the next level with the BaliYo Pen. Designed with two folding plastic arms, the pen can twirl at a variety of angles to create engaging visual patterns. The pen writes in any position, and underwater, in case you spill your glass of water over your report. Price: $9.99 and up.

Forgive -- When You Can’t Forget
Do his ADD/ADHD symptoms land him in the doghouse a lot -- like when he forgot to pay the bills and your credit score took a tumble? Let him know you’ll give him a free pass once in a while with Get Out of Jail Free business cards from Zazzle. A little laughter might help you both put adult ADD/ADHD into perspective. Price: $27.50 for a pack of 100.

Gifts for ADD/ADHD Women

Cocoon: The Sequel
Over-stimulation is a common concern for adults with ADD/ADHD. After a day of sensory overload, let the woman in your life have some quiet time with her Foam Filled Cocoon from Serenity Health. This beanbag-like “furniture” is comfortable and inviting when down on the floor, perfect for watching TV or dozing off. When turned on its side, it becomes an ergonomic lounge, cradling her body in calm. Price: $269.

Dish It
Oooh, shiny! The ADD/ADHD woman in your life loves things that sparkle, but does she also tend to lose them? Buy her jewelry anyway, and keep track of it with distinctive catchall dishes in every room. If she can’t remember where she left her earrings, you will both at least know where to start the search. Consider the Bird Jewelry Dish, from Pottery Barn, $19; Heart Jewelry Dish from Wrapables, $16.95; or recycled glass-infused jewelry dishes from Paloma Pottery, $12.50 and up.

Dear Diary
Women with ADD/ADHD tend to be creative. So give her a journal that recognizes the fact. The Proud Owner of a Vivid Imagination journal from CafePress will encourage her to express all sides of her personality: jotting down her feelings, raising her self-awareness, or scribbling a rant or just another item on her to-do list. Price: $10.50.

If your partner can’t carry her day planner everywhere, and the calendar on her computer works only when she’s in front of it, this app for her smart phone will keep her on task and on time. The got-2pro Task and Schedule Management for BlackBerry combines the standard BlackBerry calendar and task list with additional functionality. There’s even a GPS function that will alert her if she passes a pharmacy on the way to getting a cup of coffee, so she can pick up the prescription she forgot about. Price: $8.99.

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