When Your Child Can't (or Won't) Swallow the Pill

Buried in apple sauce. Frozen in a popsicle. Stuck inside a fruit snack. These genius tricks from parents like you will make the medicine go down (without a fight!).

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4 Alternative Methods of Swallowing Pills

"Don't put the pill on your child's tongue or toward the back of their mouth. Place the pill or capsule under their tongue, off to one side, and then have them drink water with a straw. The natural flow of swallowing is like a wave. It washes the pill right down." -hoyarn91

"The 'normal' way is to put the pill in your mouth, add liquid, and swallow. My way is to put the liquid in my mouth, tilt my head back (so it doesn't spill out), and drop the pill in. Then I close my mouth and swallow. It works like a charm." -Greg Ream

"For bad-tasting meds, buy empty gel caps. Put the tablet in the empty capsule to mask the taste." -hoyarn91

"A friend told me about the Oralflo cup. I ordered it online, and it works like a charm." -lucym

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