No, I Don't Need to 'Just Try Harder'

One of the most frustrating aspects of ADHD is not a symptom or side effect, but the judgment we endure everyday from people who question whether ADHD is real. Next time someone tells you to "just focus" or "try harder," respond with one of these pointed comebacks.

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The Bold Approach

"Stop insulting me. Asking me to try harder is like asking you to grow taller." -Anne, Ontario, Canada

"You are either ignorant about ADD or you are a bully. If you’re the first, I can educate you; if you’re the second, I will ignore you." -An ADDitude Reader

"With all due respect, shut up. I need strategies, not dismissive platitudes, to help me cope." -Ann, California

Tips for Talking About ADD/ADHD

Should You Tell Your Boss About Your ADD/ADHD?

Is ADD/ADHD Ruining Your Reputation at Work?

How to Share Your ADD/ADHD Story

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