Quick and Easy Exercise Alternatives for ADHD Adults

Does the thought of scheduling gym time make you anxious? Don't have time for lengthy workouts? Try these 10 easy ways to fit fitness into your day.

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Easy ways for ADDers to fit physical activity into their day: Get a dog. Hemera/Thinkstock

You begin the new year promising yourself to hit the gym three times a week. You wind up exercising twice a month. You’re busy, behind, disorganized, and, hey, you have to keep up with Facebook, don’t you? You can barely remember to have lunch with old friends, never mind planning visits to the gym to wrestle with the treadmill.

Simplifying and streamlining your exercise will help you get fit on your schedule. Instead of making elaborate plans to exercise at a gym -- pack sneakers and clothes, shampoo, and a post-workout snack, get in the car, and so on -- and beating yourself up for not going, find ways to sneak physical activity into your fit-and-start life.

10 Quick and Easy Exercises:

Home gym. Keep a set of dumbbells in a kitchen cabinet or food pantry, and do a few bicep curls and shoulder presses while dinner is cooking. Use a stability ball as a desk chair to work your abs while you’re paying bills. Keep a yoga mat under your bed, and pull it out for some downward dogs in the morning or before going to bed at night.

Date nights in sneakers. If your date nights typically involve a dinner and a movie, ask your partner to join you on a long walk, or go bowling or dancing.

Get a dog. A Canadian study showed that dog owners spend about 300 minutes or five hours a week doing Fido-related physical activities. By taking pooch out to do his business, playing tug of war, and going to the dog park, you will burn lots of calories.

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