Anger Management for ADHD Children

ADD/ADHD expert advice from Ned Hallowell on teaching angry children and teens with attention deficit how to express their frustrations and prevent violent outbursts.

Contract with Your Teen

Help for Parents of Angry ADD/ADHD Teens

What if you have an aggressive ADD/ADHD teen who ignores your warnings and elbows you out of the way when he’s upset? Again, words are important. Use them to negotiate a contract -- “If you do X, Y will happen. If you don’t, Z will.” Consequences should not change, and must be consistently enforced.

When he does break the contract, physical chores -- mowing the lawn or washing the car -- make good punishments. Physical exertion will release the aggression that landed him in trouble.

If the angry behavior continues, persist. Also add reinforcements -- have a favorite uncle or an adult/mentor talk with him. And keep coming back to the contract. Defusing anger is sometimes a battle of wills. Your child should understand that you have a bigger circle of support than he can fend off.


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