Anger Management for ADHD Children

ADD/ADHD expert advice from Ned Hallowell on teaching angry children and teens with attention deficit how to express their frustrations and prevent violent outbursts.

Words Matter

Teaching ADD/ADHD Children to Use Words to Express Anger

Encourage your child to explain his feelings. When he is frustrated, say, “Use your words, Sammy.” When she is angry, say, “Annie, tell me how you feel.” If your child says, “I’m so mad, I feel like hitting you!” the confession is better than committing the act. Applaud the fact that she is expressing herself instead of acting out.

To sharpen your child’s facility with words, make a habit of reading aloud to her, or, as she gets older, reading to each other. Play word games on long drives, at dinner, or while standing in line. These will increase her ability to use language to describe how she feels.



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