My Wake Up Call Alarm Clock: ADHD Product Review

Can this gadget help adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) get up, out of bed, and out the door on time?

My Wake Up Call is exactly what I needed, not only to wake up, but to start my day with positive thoughts.

Jane D., reviewing an ADD-friendly alarm clock

Product Information: My Wake Up Call Alarm Clock (

Reviewer: Jane D.

Waking up can be tough for a night owl with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). I am the master of Web surfing, magazine flipping, and chatting on the phone past midnight. So I was skeptical when I heard about My Wake Up Call -- a motivational clock that uses inspirational messages as an alarm. Here’s how it works: The messages, which run about eight minutes each, come in CD format, or can be downloaded from the company’s website to an iPod, which you dock on the clock. Within a few days, the messages seemed to do the trick. The “good morning and get out of bed” portion is followed by a mini-workout of inhaling, exhaling, and stretching, then by music, which is fun to listen to as I get dressed and prepare to head out the door. My Wake Up Call is exactly what I needed, not only to wake up, but to start my day with positive thoughts. I found myself tuning in to the messages directly on my iPod during my morning commute.

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