The Attention Games: Catching Focus

There's more than one way to teach self-control, concentration, and responsibility. Our favorite? These board, card, and action games that make learning fun and collaborative!

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Turn chores into a song

Children with ADD/ADHD often need reminders to stay on task. Research has shown that music helps the brain organize time and space, aiding in learning and memory. In other words, it’s harder for her to get distracted if her voice, mind, and body are all focusing on a task! Sing the “Tidy Up Song” with your child, to help him remember he’s cleaning up toys right now. Lyrics can be as simple as: “Tidy up. Tidy up. Everybody tidy up.”

Any ordinary task can be set to a song. For maximum sticking power, choose one of her favorite melodies: a TV theme, “Frère Jacques,” or a Christmas carol. Encourage your child to make up new, silly lyrics relating to the task she’s doing.

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