Adult ADD Life Success...In 4 Steps

Follow these four habits of highly effective ADDers to triumph on the job.

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Why do some adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) ADDers succeed -- jobs, relationships, life -- and others don’t? Winners face challenges head-on, take smart risks, get help if needed, and plan for good fortune.

I have a friend who struggled for years before being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Despite her challenges, she managed to build a coaching practice and create a popular adult ADD/ADHD support group. What made her successful? She actively pursued what was interesting and important to her.

In fact, that was why we met. After hearing me talk at an ADD/ADHD conference, she asked for my business card and e-mailed me questions about how she could meet her goals. She sought out people who knew things that she wanted to know rather than stubbornly trying to figure everything out herself.

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This article comes from the Fall 2010 issue of ADDitude.

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