ADD/ADHD Social Blunders: ADDitude Readers' True Confessions

Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) tell us their not-so proud moments of behaving badly in public.

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Friendly Faux-Pas

"Walking up to a friend and rubbing her belly, saying, 'Hey, little baby. How much longer do you have?' She replied, 'I had my baby two weeks ago!'" -Kimberly Sampson, Joplin, Missouri

"Not acknowledging the birth of our close friends’ second child. At all! I meant to call, pick up a card, select a gift, get to the post office, but so much time passed that it became embarrassing!" -Dawn Ambruzs, Columbia, South Carolina

"Inviting 10 people to Christmas dinner and forgetting to go grocery shopping. After midnight on Christmas Eve, I realized that I didn’t even have basics, like milk and bread, in the house. I ended up calling my sister-in-law and asked her to bring leftovers." -Brenda Nicholson, Crown Point, Indiana

"Making plans to meet a friend for dinner, after she told me that she had also invited a couple of people I didn’t know. I made up a lame excuse to get out of it, and she busted me on the spot!" -Miki G., Fort Walton Beach, Florida

"Forgetting to pay back friends. For your sake, please never loan me money." -Christopher Craig, Greenfield Park, Quebec

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