Adult Education for ADD and LD Students

Going back to school? Stack the deck in your favor with these 10 learning tools designed to help ADD and LD adults.

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Schedule daily work sessions

Think of school as you would a job:

1) Decide how much time you’ll need to spend on school each week. Figure this out by reflecting on how much time you’ve needed in the past, by reviewing course syllabi, and by talking with teachers.

2) Factor into your schedule other commitments -- bowling night, helping your child do homework -- and the times your energy level is highest. You might decide that you can spend 10 hours a week on schoolwork and that the best time to study will be between 7 and 9 on weeknights. Block off those two hours in your planner.

3) Treat your work sessions as you do your for-pay job: Get to work on time, give it your best effort, and don’t leave early.

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