Desperately Seeking Sleep? Remedies to Save Parents' Sanity

Every night doesn’t have to be so hard! Use these parent-tested sleep remedies to get kids with ADHD off to sleep without hours of back-rubbing, story reading, or persistent arguing.

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Pre-Bedtime Relaxation Routines

A foot rub relaxes a restless child. Have your child lie on her back -- if the room is chilly, cover her -- and gently hold her foot with one hand. Make a fist with your other hand and lightly move it up and down her instep.

Have your child focus on her breathing while visualizing an elevator gently ascending and descending with every inhalation and exhalation.

Create affirming phrases that she repeats to herself as she awaits sleep, such as “I am lovable and capable."

Consider prayer. Encourage her to entrust her loved ones and her cares to God to quiet a restless mind.

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