Does My Preschooler Have a Language Problem?

Use these developmental milestones for indications that your child might show signs of auditory processing problems.

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One to Two Years

• The child begins to show specific comprehension of words.

• He or she can point out and identify pictures and objects by their names.

• He or she can also point to simple body parts on themselves and others.

• The child will now imitate words he or she hears.

• The child can follow one-step commands or questions such as “Throw the ball” or “Where’s the kitty?”

• He or she likes listening to simple stories.

• The child loves to listen to songs and rhymes and can incorporate body and hand movements to go with some of them.

During this time your baby’s speech makes a big leap forward. Over the course of year one to two, most children go from babbling to creating nonsense words to learning and using real words and finally to using real words in two-word combinations. Increasingly your child enjoys playing with things that represent actual objects, such as using a block as a truck. She also explores her environment, learning how to walk and even how to climb stairs and using fine motor skills to manipulate simple one-piece puzzles.

Next Childhood Development Stage: Two to Three Years

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