Does My Preschooler Have a Language Problem?

Use these developmental milestones for indications that your child might show signs of auditory processing problems.

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Six to Twelve Months

• The child begins to listen and pay attention when spoken to.

• He or she responds to his or her name by turning.

• He or she is able to focus on listening for longer periods of time.

• The baby begins to like and play games that pair voice with movements.

• Familiar words (names of daily used objects and frequently seen people) are recognized in familiar contexts.

• The baby responds to familiar requests, such as waving bye-bye or being asked to give something to the parent.

• The child recognizes sounds paired with objects, such as an animal sound with the appropriate animal.

Your baby is awake even more and therefore more available to play. At six to twelve months a baby loves to look at books and pictures with you and is becoming much more physically active. She’s developing a longer attention span, sitting by herself, crawling, pulling herself up to standing, and possibly even taking her first steps. She shows off her developing fine motor skills while playing with blocks and stacking rings. As the twelve-month mark approaches, she clearly understands more about the world around her.

Next Childhood Development Stage: Ages One to Two Years

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