4 Ways to Overcome ADHD Challenges and Achieve Your Dreams

Take a cue from these middle-aged women living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) -- don't let symptoms like disorganization, forgetfulness, and low self-esteem keep you from making your dreams a reality.

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Stop Focusing on ADHD Challenges

Joan, a client of mine, managed to do that. After being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), in her mid-40s, she met with me in my office. I remember her clutching her planner, her eyes glued to the schedule and calendar. She had divided each day into 15-minute segments that would allow her to tackle her disorganization. Two weeks later, her plan crumbled. She couldn’t keep up with it.

Why? Her structured days held nothing that nourished her spirit or enhanced her strengths. Her dreams and yearnings, the things that made her unique, were put on hold until “some day,” and she re-doubled her efforts to change who she is.

Through therapy she was able to reverse the adult ADD/ADHD negativity that was preventing her from reaching her goals. She gave herself permission to live her life while meeting her challenges with ADHD/ADD head -- on. Eventually, she took a yoga class and joined a choir -- singing had always given her pleasure.

Instead of spending your energy trying to wish your ADD/ADHD challenges away, accept them, and try the following:

Make Friends, Find Mentors

Make friends, in person or online, who have similar challenges. You will be able to see their talents more clearly than they do, and in doing so, you will see your strengths and find support to use them.

Find a person, or mentor, who sees you clearly, values you, and will help you achieve small goals based on your beliefs and your vision for the future. This may be a therapist, an ADD/ADHD coach, a support group member, or a friend.

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