Stress Relief at Work: 5 Easy Relaxation Techniques

Can't relax on the job? Here are five simple ways adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) -- or other overworked employees -- can relieve tension. No need to get up from your desk!

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1. Roll away tension. Keep stress balls in a desk drawer at work. The ones with chimes are good for those who need auditory stimulation.

2. Play footsie. Store foot rollers on the floor (out of sight) by your desk, so that you can give your feet a relaxing massage.

3. Start a kudos file. Notes praising you for jobs well done, thank-you notes, and complimentary memos can boost your mood when your job causes stress.

4. Entertain yourself. Post jokes and comic strips on your bulletin board. When you’re feeling pressure, look up and laugh -- it'll help you feel better.

5. Lighten your load. Studies have shown that a lava lamp has a calming effect. Plug one in at your office, and turn it on when you feel your pulse thumping away.


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