Tips to Help ADHD Parents Get Organized

Are you an ADD mom raising an ADHD child? Organizational challenges abound when both a parent and child have attention deficit. Find tips for getting (and keeping) the household, school life, and discipline in order here.

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Organize for School

Stay in the loop. Work with the teacher by staying in touch through e-mail. Establish a routine of e-mailing these four questions to her each week: ·Tell me about my child's week. ·Will my child need any special materials in the coming week? ·Is my child missing any work? ·What is my child's current grade status?

You can also communicate through a notebook or folder that travels back and forth to school. Ask that important school papers (permission slips, meeting notices, and so on), be put in the folder so you can cut down on paper clutter and be sure to see and sign all of the necessary forms. Add school-related events to the family calendar right away.

Establish a homework routine. Children are generally less resistant to homework if they get a little downtime first. Offer your child a healthy snack that contains some protein, which helps boost mood and mental focus. If "homework wars" persist, consider asking an older student to come in and help.

Prepare for parent-teacher conferences. Make a list of the topics you'd like to discuss, and e-mail it to the teacher a week in advance of your meeting. For a better teacher meeting, place completed assignments that your child brings home in a folder that you can take along. This way, you and the teacher will have examples of his work to paint a clear picture of your child's progress.

Talk with teachers early in the year. In a introductory letter explain the challenges facing your family, or meet with the teacher to discuss how these issues can be addressed at school.

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