Tips to Help ADHD Parents Get Organized

Are you an ADD mom raising an ADHD child? Organizational challenges abound when both a parent and child have attention deficit. Find tips for getting (and keeping) the household, school life, and discipline in order here.

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Organize Your Discipline

Don't be a dictator. Let your child have a say in setting household rules and limits. Children often come up with punishments that are stricter than what you would pick, so work together to figure out what's best for your family.

Explain your expectations. Be clear about what you expect from your child and if he doesn't meet your expectations, discipline him by taking away one of his privileges. Explain exactly what he did wrong and how he can get the privilege back.

Pick your battles. Be as consistent as possible -- but don't be afraid to let some things go.

Be on the same page with your spouse. Make sure you agree on when and how you'll discipline so your child doesn't get mixed messages. Does your partner understand the particular challenges you face? If not, family therapy can help.

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