ADHD Games to Improve Memory, Focus, and Attention

These games help adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) improve focus, attention, and concentration.

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Play Attention

Uses a high-tech armband to read brain signals indicative of focus and concentration. The brain signals control the action of Play Attention’s games, downloaded on to a home computer. The games teach a child to improve focus, ignore distractions, and become organized. Play Attention has the added benefit of "Master Educators," personal consultants to help you or your child get the most out of the exercises.

SmartBrain Technologies

Converts home video or computer games into a neurofeedback device. The SmartBrain Technologies system, developed by NASA, includes a wireless, handheld game controller that receives brain wave signals from a headset worn by the player. When a player exhibits low-frequency patterns during, say, a car race at the track, his car slows and other cars pass him. His goal is to concentrate to produce higher-frequency brain waves to speed up the car.

Cogmed Memory Training

Uses a videogame format downloaded on your home computer to improve attention and working memory. Controlled studies show that it works. A child might have to shoot down asteroids, recall numbers in reverse order, or remember the sequence in which rows of lights turn on. Cogmed games are also geared to adults. In Depth: How Cogmed Working-Memory Training Works

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