Tips for Teaching Math to ADHDers

How playing games, telling stories, and other fun activities can help your ADHD child master math.

4 Ways to Master Math Facts istockphoto/claudiad

Play games. Math Card Games Kit, from RightStart Mathematics, has 300 math games in one box.

Bounce on a trampoline or jump rope. Have your child say multiplication facts out loud as she jumps. (Don’t do this if she seems rushed or anxious.)

Practice skip counting -- counting by threes, fives, or any other number. Count up and count backward. Make it fun: March around the house, taking larger steps for larger factors, like nine, and baby steps for one or two. Walk backward as you skip -- count down.

Read stories. Judy Rodriquez’s book, Addition the Fun Way, turns numbers into characters in entertaining stories.

Excerpted from Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, by Kathy Kuhl, copyright 2009.

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