Parent-Tested ADD-Friendly Strategies for Helping Kids Do Their Homework

Help your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder child finish her school assignments -- and learn how to work independently -- by following these readers’ best tips.

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Learn When to Stop Doing it for Them

"I made my son responsible for his grades. He has to face the consequences of bad grades, and he gets rewards for good ones. If he wants me to help him with homework, he has to ask." -May Beth Thomas, Michigan

"Once your child is in middle school, let her be accountable for getting homework done. When I was young, getting me to do my schoolwork was a battle. Mom finally said, 'Fine. If you don’t do your homework, I won’t write you an excuse.' Translation: I would be in trouble with the teacher -- and when I got home, I would be in even more trouble with my dad. I learned the hard way, once!" -Ed, Arizona

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