ADD Mistakes Happen…Here’s How to Recover

Adults living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) explain how they cope with making ADD-related mistakes.

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We all feel defeated and short on hope at times -- but living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can complicate things, make us fumble and forget, make us fidgety and awkward. That’s why ADDitude asked readers: When you miss an appointment or make an ADHD-related mistake, how do you pick yourself up? And you delivered with these lessons in how to cope with imperfections and how to seek forgiveness.

Indulge in Your Favorite Things

“I take time alone to rejuvenate. I’ll pray, take a walk, or watch a TV show.” -Marsha Foreman, Alabama

“I get in my car, set the radio to a Christian station, and sing along. It always makes me feel better. God is always there to lift me up.” -Sheri, California

“I take a warm shower and light a candle to relax. I usually wind up eating chocolate as well.” -Becky, Ecuador

“I go shopping, smoke a cigarette, or eat. I know, I know -- not the best things to do. But tomorrow is another day.” -Aimee Flores, Texas

This article appears in the Spring 2010 issue of ADDitude.

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