My Multitasking, ADHD Life

Kali Karagias, a writer, blogger, videographer, and comedian, gives a glimpse into her hectic life with adult ADHD.

Life with ADHD: Kari Karagias

I wouldn’t change the way my ADHD brain operates for anything.

Kali Karagias -- writer, blogger, videographer, and comedian

I’m working on a book of essays (which I’ll be lucky to publish before I’m 80), editing a TV pilot promo, and producing food videos online. I’m a mom to a five-year-old, and my husband and I are expecting our second child, although I’ve lost track of the due date.

I was diagnosed with adult ADHD in my 30s, but I wish I’d known about it sooner. My mom always introduced my brother and sister by name, but I was “Kali-the-Creative-One” or “Kali-the-Daydreamer.” If I’d known, I might have felt good about myself sooner.

My ADHD can be frustrating for my husband -- like when I forget to pay the AmEx bill. He’s a wonderful man. He forgave me for forgetting our anniversary -- all eight times. I know when an apology is in order.

Having attention deficit disorder has forced me to develop new skills. A few years ago I was producing a film, and, because I was too unfocused to develop a budget, I ran out of money. I had to learn film editing and sound mixing in order to finish the project. I didn’t finish it, but turned it into a TV pilot…then moved on to something new. Sound familiar?

Living with ADD has its trials, but I wouldn’t change the way my ADHD brain operates for anything.

This article comes from the Winter 2009 issue of ADDitude.

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