My ADHD Story: Maria Von Trapp and Me

I discovered that Maria, of The Sound of Music fame, is a lot like myself and other ADHD women -- flighty, charming, and hyperactive.

Zoe Kessler

The part had my name written all over it. When the Princess of Wales Theater in Toronto held a call to find the perfect Maria for a dramatic production of The Sound of Music, I thought I should get it, hands down. No, I am not an actor, but I do have attention deficit disorder. I figured I could method-act my way through the performance, and skip acting school.

There are plenty of parallels between Maria and me. Consider the opening scene of the film: Maria, belting out a song on a mountaintop, suddenly remembers that she’s supposed to be singing vespers at the abbey. She takes off at breakneck speed, stumbling down the mountainside, late for service. How often, I thought, have I run (late) into a board meeting because I’d been caught in the ADHD whirlwind of another activity?

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