My ADHD Story: Maria Von Trapp and Me

I discovered that Maria, of The Sound of Music fame, is a lot like myself and other ADHD women -- flighty, charming, and hyperactive.

A Happy Ending for ADHD Women?

Maria found her happy ending in the captain’s arms. Many professionals stress the importance of a healthy relationship to stabilize ADHD symptoms. Achieving it isn’t always easy, and divorce rates are higher among ADHD adults. Just for a moment, think about if Maria had been one of these grim statistics?

Roll the sequel: The honeymoon’s over. Zoom in on a disillusioned husband. He’s sick of Maria being late for social functions; he’s fed up with her unladylike behavior; he’s mystified by her ineptness at household management. Anyone with severe ADHD knows that household management is anything but simple. He gives her an ultimatum -- conventionality or convent -- and Maria makes her choice after a lot of thought: She heads straight for the hills after his devastating rejection.

Fortunately, we’ve been spared an ADHD-inspired sequel, and as far as we know, Maria finds happiness for the rest of her life. But some of us adult ADHDers still feel like we’re alone and spinning on a mountaintop. Please call us will-o’-the-wisps, not weirdos. Help us meet our schedules by giving us those pint-sized beepers we can carry up the mountain. Offer affordable ADHD medications (when we need them) while we work out our strategies to manage all those ADHD symptoms. Otherwise, those of us living with the condition may find neither captain nor Concerta.

But enough. I’m off to sing in the nearest abbey. Maybe I’ll take Maria with me. We could perform the “Concerta Concerto” or the “Ritalin Requiem.” Now where did I put that piece of paper with Maria’s phone number on it?

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