A Serious Condition

An overwhelming majority (92%) of adults diagnosed with ADHD who were first treated for ADHD at age 18 or above said they wish they had been treated for the disorder as a child, according to reseach by Harris Interactive Surveys.

The researchers also found that the majority of teachers (95%) believe that left untreated, ADHD affects school performance. Among teachers who participated in the survey, 90% think that untreated ADHD usually leads to disruptive behavior in the classroom and has a negative effect on social skills.

Among parents and grandparents surveyed, 84% considered ADHD to be a serious condition. Over one-third of the parents and grandparents (34%)responded that they didn't know where to go for information when their child or grandchild was diagnosed with ADHD.

What's the problem?

The Harris Survey also found that the lack of information and the overall controversy surrounding ADHD/ADD may be keeping people who have the condition from getting appropriate treatment. "Confusing media reports" about the disorder and the stigma of medication also prevented some people who could benefit from treatment from seeking help.

According to child psychiatrists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians, the lack of information about AD/HD prevents many children from getting appropriate treatment.

Over three-fourths of pediatricians surveyed (77%) felt that the lack of information resources available to parents contributed to the child not receiving treatment for the disorder. The estimate was even higher among more specialized group child psychiatrists, with 87% agreeing that lack of information was a problem.

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The survey was produced for Shire Richwood, manufacturers of Adderall, a medication for the treatment of ADHD.

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