Mom Guilt Is Toxic. Here's How to Ditch It.

When you're a mother with ADHD, and you have a child with special needs, expectations — your own and other people's — can be your unraveling. Don't let mom guilt win. Instead, use these 8 strategies for find peace and happiness at home.

Find Solutions That Work for Your Family


Think about your sanity. I paid high school and college students to help take care of Mackenzie during the day, even when I was home. I needed time and space away from mothering to recharge my batteries and pursue other interests.

Get rid of the guilt. I refused to allow my relatives -- sister, mother, cousin -- or neighbors to judge my parenting skills. What worked for them raising a non-ADHD child didn’t work for me. Raising Mackenzie was a different ballgame -- because of her and because of me.

Change your expectations. It would have been great if the family could sit down together at dinner to discuss our day, but it wasn’t feasible. Mackenzie couldn’t sit still at the table, so I allowed her to eat in front of the TV. It made mealtime happy for all of us. Isn’t that the point?

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