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The Best Software and Gadgets for ADHD Students

If your attention deficit student needs help with school work or homework, assistive technology can capitalize on her strengths while working around her challenges.

Writing Software and Gadgets

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Portable word processors are lightweight devices that look like a computer keyboard with a screen. They can be helpful to ADHD children who have trouble with handwriting. These battery-powered machines can be brought to school for note-taking and writing assignments. At home, files can be transferred to a PC or Mac. Some portable word processors come pre-loaded with word prediction and text-to-speech software.
Products to consider: AlphaSmart Writer Learning Neo (renlearn.com), Fusion (writerlearning.com), and QuickPad (quickpad.com).

Speech-recognition programs allow a student to read aloud into a microphone and see his words appear on a computer screen. The software is especially helpful for students whose oral language skills are superior to their writing skills.
Products to consider: Dragon NaturallySpeaking (nuance.com), Simply Speaking (simplyspeakinginc.com), ViaVoice (nuance.com), and MacSpeech (macspeech.com).

Word-prediction software “predicts” the word the user intends to type, expanding his vocabulary and improving written expression. These programs can assist attention deficit students in producing grammatically correct and topic-specific sentences and paragraphs on a word processor.
Products to consider: Aurora Suite (aurora-systems.com), Co:Writer (donjohnston.com), EZ Keys (words-plus.com), and WordQ (wordq.com).

By Kristin Stanberry and Marshall H. Raskind, Ph.D., GreatSchools.net staff. This piece is reprinted with permission from greatschools.net, Copyright 2009.

NOTE: Product names, models, prices, and specifications were current as of print. Please leave a comment below if you are aware of more accurate and up-to-date information.

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