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The Best Software and Gadgets for ADHD Students

If your attention deficit student needs help with school work or homework, assistive technology can capitalize on her strengths while working around her challenges.

Math Software and Gadgets


These tools help ADHD students who struggle with computing, aligning, and copying math problems on paper.

Electronic math worksheet software enables students to organize and work through problems on a computer screen. Numbers that appear onscreen can be read aloud by a speech synthesizer.
Products to consider: MathPad and MathPad Plus (cambiumlearning.com) and MathTalk (mathtalk.com).

Talking calculators have a built-in speech synthesizer that reads aloud each number, symbol, or operation key a student presses, as well as the answer. The aural feedback lets an attention deficit student know whether he pressed the right keys and verifies the answer before he transfers it to paper. Products to consider: Independent Living Aids (independentliving.com), MaxiAids (maxiaids.com), and AbleData (abledata.com) make a range of pocket-size and desktop talking calculators -- some with an alarm to keep students moving along.

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