ADHD Medications Rarely Work Perfectly On the First Try

Finding the most effective ADHD medication for your particular brain chemistry is — unfortunately — still a process of trial and error. It's rough, but don't give up — at least not without reading these solutions to common problems with ADHD medication.

Problem: You and Your Partner Disagree About ADHD Medication

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In the case of an ADHD child,if one parent feels strongly that she shouldn’t be taking ADHD medication and expresses that to your child, there may be a serious problem. If the child has conflicting views about the benefits of medication, he might stop taking it or question why he has to take it. If you're an adult with ADHD and your partner doesn't believe you need medication, it can create tension in your relationship or cause you to suffer difficulties in other areas of your life. Set up an appointment with your doctor to discuss the ADHD diagnosis and the value of medication with your partner.

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