A Hollywood Writer on Life with ADHD

Frank South, who wrestled with attention deficit disorder since childhood, spills everything he’s learned about himself, the unaccepting world, and his ADHD brethren.

My Recipe for Living with ADHD

The world is humming along. Everybody has filtered out the information they don’t need for the day and is off doing stuff. But we ADDers don’t have filters. We don’t even have lint traps. While the rest of the world is flying around making stuff happen, we’re still in bed, staring in despair at the huge tidal wave of information that slams down on us every morning, filled with useless, pointless, mindless, but very interesting, junk. It’s so much junk that everything becomes junk -- and that’s confusing and discouraging.

Here’s a way to look at things that helps me sometimes: Yeah, OK, you missed that appointment or the other one. But don’t listen to the judgments from others or, most important, from inside -- because that’s the nastiest, most unforgiving judge of all. You have to decide what you think is not junk in the middle of all the distracting junk. And let’s be honest, most of the stuff out there is junk -- so you might as well laugh about it. That’s the main thing: Laugh about it.

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