A Hollywood Writer on Life with ADHD

Frank South, who wrestled with attention deficit disorder since childhood, spills everything he’s learned about himself, the unaccepting world, and his ADHD brethren.

Taking ADHD to School

I was a weirdo in school. Case closed. As a weirdo, you eventually accept guys sneaking up behind you and pushing the big stack of books out from under your arm. (I always carried all my books with me -- as an ADHD student, I was never sure which ones I’d need.) Then, when I’d bend over to pick them up, my glasses would fall off.

At my 20-year high school reunion, I ran into the same guys at the bar, and as we talked -- all of us adults. For no reason, the left lens of my glasses popped out and fell on the floor. When I bent over to get it, I hit my head on the edge of the bar, and my glasses fell off my face. The guys couldn’t stop laughing. As they walked away, shaking their heads, I saw twenties change hands.

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