4 Brain Training Therapies for ADHD Children and Adults

These alternative treatments -- electrotherapy stimulation, low-energy neurofeedback, working memory training, and interactive metronome -- can help attention deficit adults and children manage ADHD symptoms without medication.

Interactive Metronome

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Developed in the early 1990s to help children with learning and developmental disorders, interactive metronome (IM) is used to improve planning and sequencing. The end result for ADDers: increased focus for longer periods, and the ability to filter out internal and external distractions.

How It Works IM challenges ADHD children and adults to synchronize a range of hand and foot exercises to precise computer-generated tones heard through headphones. (The therapy is based on the regular clicking of the metronome used by musicians to help them mark time and keep a beat.) The patient attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor actions -- tapping feet or clapping hands.

A study conducted at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University showed positive results in helping some children pay attention better and improve language and reading skills.

How to Get Started IM practitioners teach the therapy to children and adults in clinical and educational settings, including hospitals and schools. The cost ranges from $30 to $150 per session. Visit interactivemetronome.com for more information on finding a practitioner.

Train Your Child's Brain to Focus

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