ADHD-Approved Tips for Staying Organized and Getting Things Done

The best advice for adults with attention deficit disorder often comes from fellow ADD adults. These nine strategies for staying on track have been real-world tested and proven to work by others with adult ADHD.

Getting Things Done

Write tasks on sticky notes that you keep inside a folder -- one note per task. Throw each note away as you complete the task. It feels so good to trash them.

Organize your desk by keeping papers you’ll need “this hour” in the middle of the desk, papers you need “this day” on the outer edges of the desk, and everything else on a credenza apart from the desk.

Use a four-by-six-inch index card to list each day’s chores on, instead of carrying around a heavy day planner in your purse. Write all appointments on the top third of the card; write “to-do’s” on the middle third; and phone calls you need to make on the bottom third. At the end of the day, transfer any items that still need to be done to the next day’s index card.

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