The Importance of ADHD Support Groups

ADHD support groups connect you with other ADHD adults or parents of ADHD children. Learn how to locate or start an ADHD support group, and find out how you'll benefit from joining one.

How to find a support group for parents of children with ADHD. © istockphoto/3dstock

If you are an adult with ADHD, or a parent of an ADHD child, you work hard to overcome the challenges ADHD brings to your life. You read books and this website, and you go online to stay abreast of research. Still, you can’t have too many ADHD resources.

One resource you might not have thought about is near at hand: you, and people like you. Lots of practical information about ADD is stored in the brains of those who have the condition. Tapping into this brain trust through an ADHD support group can be a godsend.

Meeting and talking with other ADHD adults or parents of older attention deficit children — those who have solved the problems you’re facing this moment — gives you hope. Participants learn — for the first time — that they are not alone.

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