A Clean Office in 120 Minutes (or Fewer!)

When your desk is so messy it's distracting and impeding you, it's time to make a change. Use this plan, created by a professional organizer for adults with ADHD, to declutter in two hours.

Organizing Tools for ADHD Adults


Cardboard bankers boxes ($22 for 4; staples.com) for sorting. They are sturdy -- stacked atop each other, they can withstand 550 pounds -- and are easily broken down and reassembled.

Staples 15-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder ($250; staples.com) helps you deal with piles that accumulate; use a weekly schedule for shredding.

FreedomFiler ($32; freedomfiler.com) for foolproof paper filing. The product comes with color-coded labels and how-to instructions. You supply the hanging folders, as well as the drawer or box to store the files. As an alternative, the Ready-Made System ($140) comes complete with folders, labels, and a crate in which files are stored. You can expand the system, if necessary.

Silver Mesh Letter Holder ($5; containerstore.com) substitutes for an inbox. It has separate slots for bills, paperwork, and lists -- the see-through mesh lets you find items quickly.

Case Logic 92 Capacity CD Wallet ($23; caselogic.com) Toss jewel cases and put the CD wallet on a bookshelf, like a book.

Glass Message Board ($20; organizedliving.com) keeps to-do lists and important information in sight.

Portofino Office Storage Box ($35; containerstore.com) is the perfect size for keeping personal letters and other special items.

Elfa Drawer File ($10; containerstore.com) Use it to hold extra electronics and cords.

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