Real IEP Accommodations That Really Work

ADDitude readers share the school accommodations — as well as IEP tips and tricks — that help their children manage ADHD symptoms and stay focused, happy, and successful at school.

High School IEP

Organization Accommodation

"My 10th grader, who has an IEP for the first time, after years of only a 504 plan, now gets daily help at school for keeping himself organized."
- posted by SusieQ

Test Accommodation

"My 11th grade daughter has done a great job of weaning herself from many accommodations to a few. Her favorite, and the teachers' too, is that of taking tests in the classroom. She starts the test with the other kids and if she is struggling or does not feel she has enough time, she writes her guided study hall teacher's name at the top of the test. Then, she turns the test in, just like all the other kids. When she gets to guided study hall, the test is waiting for her to finish or to ask for clarification from her IEP teacher. None of the kids in the class are aware of this accommodation, and that is important when you are a teen. It also encourages my daughter to try taking tests in classrooms with distractions, and she has less anxiety, knowing she has this option if needed.”
- posted by Cheerydale

Other Accommodations

"My 14 year old son has brain damage from a brain tumor, along with ADHD, a math disorder, ODD, depression, and cognitive disabilities. He has an extra set of books at home, limited math assignments, a goal of completing 75 percent of his homework, and a calm down spot when he needs it. Most tests are read to him, and he gets to do errands for teachers. He also has a separate behavior plan. I have asked for OT to be done this year and the school is going to work that in. He is medicated with Lamictal, Prozac and Ritalin LA. My 11 year old has ADHD and is controlled with the Daytrana patch and does not need an IEP."
- posted by WendyS

"My tenth grade son has had an IEP for years. His transition to high school last year was not the best, but the school hired a new special education assistant principal who seems very creative and understanding of what parents are going through (she has an ADHD child). In addition to a case manager, she is providing a male staff member of the school who is a retired engineer (which is what my son aspires to be) to have lunch with him and keep on top of him with his organization and assignments. This mentor will also communicate with my husband and I, as well. I feel like my son may finalize realize how important his "job" is right now and what is will take to be successful. He will finally hear it from a mentor, not just his parents!"
- posted by crikard

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