Don't Freak Out! And 13 More Rules for Navigating Teen Behavior Challenges

Too strict. Or, too wishy-washy. Lecturing constantly. Or hardly communicating. Inconsistent parenting strategies can exacerbate unwanted behaviors, especially among teens with ADHD. How to create the right pattern at home.

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More Effective Parenting Strategies


Ignore minor issues. Homes become combat zones when parents complain to the teen about everything.

Don’t beat a dead horse. If your ADHD teen has already paid for his misdeed or screw-up (lost his new digital camera, say) or has been disciplined by a teacher or the police, ask yourself, “Is another consequence needed, or am I ticked off and out for vengeance?”

Don't take arguments personally. Ignore your teen’s “you don’t trust me” protests. Monitoring is a parent’s job. Expect flak -- and don’t take it to heart.

Network. To know what’s going on in your teen’s world, step into it. Go to school events and talk with other parents.

Show your love. When your teen walks through the door, do you bark or smile? Let your eyes fill with light, and make your words loving. Put problems on the back burner.

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