Help Your ADHD Kid Get Dressed

ADHD children may forget the sequence of putting on clothing, lack the attention span or motor skills to fasten buttons, or are sensitive to certain fabrics. Use these tips to help your attention deficit kid her clothes on.

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Encourage Your Child

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Cut them sartorial slack. A pink polka-dot shirt with maroon leggings? A plaid shirt with a striped pair of pants? Don’t worry about mismatches. If your child is dressing herself, don’t crush her enthusiasm by being critical of her choices. Teach color coordination and fashion sense another time.

Remember, at this age, children are jacks of all trades, masters of none. Your child may button his shirt unevenly, forget to zip his pants, or put her shoes on the wrong feet. Independent dressing takes time and practice. With your patience and loving guidance, your child will master the task of getting dressed -- and you’ll all get out of the house on time in the morning.

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