Help Your ADHD Kid Get Dressed

ADHD children may forget the sequence of putting on clothing, lack the attention span or motor skills to fasten buttons, or are sensitive to certain fabrics. Use these tips to help your attention deficit kid her clothes on.

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Choose Clothing Wisely


Keep clothing simple. Forget buttons, zippers, and snaps. Elastic-waist pants and pullover T-shirts are easier to put on. If your attention deficit kid doesn’t need the against-the-skin stimulation of tight-fitting clothes, buy blouses, sweaters, and pants that are one size larger than your child normally wears. They will be easier to slip into. Note: Save dressing lessons, when your child practices buttoning and lacing, for weekends.

Streamline socks and shoes. Many young children lack the fine motor skills to put on socks and shoes. Some children with ADHD lose patience and get frustrated. Consider buying short socks, with fitted heels, which are easier to put on and take off. Once socks are on, shoes with Velcro flaps aren’t as challenging to put on as those with shoelaces.

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